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Its all folk is a social innovation 
and design studio building place based craft economies that support place based ecologies and identities.



Conceived in 2015 / Reimagined in 2022

Its all folk started as an archiving project in 2015 in Shillong in Northeast India. Over the years the project has evolved from an archiving project to a research project to now a social innovation and artisanal studio. 


We have documented our journey through Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Gujarat and West Bengal in India, working for social enterprises and organisations like Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (Guwahati), Craftmark India, All India Artisans and Craftworkers welfare Association (AIACA), and Impulse NGO Networks, Shillong. 


Reinitiated in 2022 we are currently working  at the cross section of crafts, conservation and climate action.

We believe traditional craft practices and place based value systems rooted in indigenous societies can be employed to find solutions for several pressing environmental and social issues.

Approach: Our approach is to identify and bring under-utilized natural and community assets in fragile ecosystems to fuller participation as an effective tool to preserve, revitalize and reinvent culturally and ecologically significant local practices to advance rural livelihoods. We do this by bringing multi stakeholder - local, national and international together. 


Vision: Our vision is to build place based economies by investing in territory specific - human, cultural and natural capital to create low carbon, artisanal alternatives that advance all the four pillars of sustainable development. 


Mission: We are mobilising herders and weavers into collectives in 4 community conserved villages of Western Arunachal Pradesh. Our mission is to incentivise the use of yak fibre, and valorise the heritage loin loom weaving in order to create additional income opportunities for the weavers and the yak herding Brokpas of the Monpa community.

Purpose: Our purpose is to build stewardship based community co-owned and managed local craft economies. 



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Ziro_Poster 2.jpg

Gender Equality


100% Natural Materials

Community Centric

Fair Wages

Cruelty Free

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