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The Dangnga Collective

The Monpa is one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, living in the West Kameng and Tawang districts. We initiated this project in early 2023 in order to employ loin loom weaving as a means to advance sustainable development in two pilot villages. The objective was to document, valorise and reinterpret the heritage loin loom weaves of Daangnga to enhance income opportunities for Monpa women weavers in Chug and Nyukmadung of West Kameng district.


Daangngas are traditional shoulder bags woven by Monpas. The making of the Dangnga is a culturally significant practice rooted in the Monpa identity. MORE THAN 60% OF THE FORESTS AND ITS NATURAL RESOURCES IN ARUNACHAL PRADESH ARE UNDER COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP, making it absolutely essential to support the local communities in long term conservation practices in the region.


The Dangnga Collective was born out of the need to strengthen livelihood security in these villages through traditional loin loom weaving in order to create incentive for these communities to protect their forests and lands. The collective comprises 23 women from two community conserved villages who were trained in product diversification and basic sewing techniques with an objective to keep the entire supply value chain in the village.


*Photography - Sayan, Shailey and Manjusha for Its all folk

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Chug, Nyukmadung


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Loin loom weaving


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