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The Outdoor Essentials

The Outdoor essentials is our  first collection under The Brokpa Collective, where we are trying to valorise the use of yak hair, a coarser by product which fetches no income for the Brokpas.  All the products of this collection are made of a unique, first of its kind material blending 100% natural yak hair and jute. The yak hair is sourced directly from the herders and the fabric is hand woven by the women weavers of the Monpa community in Arunachal Pradesh. The jute is sourced from Kolkata. All the products are stitched by the women artisans at Sasha Fair Trade, our production partners in Kolkata. Our products are made in small batches employing women artisans across the supply chain from fiber to final product.  

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West Kameng




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Yak hair jute material


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